Whitelabel / Customization

Cellbones Technologies offers customization for any enterprise needs. The architecture can be modified to handle various solutions such as replacing or creating a new rewards solution, or providing a means for customer to acquire your products with no transfer of funds necessary.

Create New Loyalty Program

We offer a quick-to-market solution which can be customized based on your needs. For example, we can integrate with mobile operator API’s to offer mobile services in trade for the cryptocurrency token

Replace/Enhance Existing Loyalty Solution

Cryptocurrency tokens are perfect replacement or enhancement. They allow flexibility to consumers on how they want to manage, share and spend their loyalty points while offering the security of full encryption and protection from hackers


CellBONES Technology can be customized to utilize the monetization methods to raise funds for any fund-raising organization. 

For example, a charity can raise funds from users all around the world with the funds going directly to the local charity in need without ever having to deal with currency transfer issues. A low income user from anywhere in the world could help raise funds for those in need around the world without having to donate any of their own funds or deal with the costs of transferring fiat currency. 

Organizations such as ICO’s, crowdfunding groups, etc., could use the monetization methods to raise funds for investments from people all over the world.