Privacy Policy

Current Policy Updated:  August 8, 2019

Modifications Since Last Update:  New Policy as of August 8, 2019


  1. Introduction of cellBONES Technologies Privacy Policy
  2. Information we collect
  3. Use of information collected
  4. Sharing & Disclosure
  5. Bookings & Listings 
  6. Additional Host Services
  7. Compliance with Law
  8. Service Providers
  9. Collection and Remittance of Occupancy Taxes
  10. Landlords, Property Management, Property Owners
  11. Change of Ownership
  12. Aggregated Data
  13. General Information
  14. Third Party LInks
  15. Consumer Rights
  16. Manage User Information
  17. Complaints
  18. Security
  19. Privacy Policy changes
  20. How to Contact Us

1. Introduction

Thank you for joining the cellBONES Technologies community!   The cellBONES Platform will be referred to as cellBONES (“cellBONES”).  

We believe in full protection of privacy and security of your personal information.   We do not share or sell your data with any 3rd parties where the consumer has not voluntarily shared information in order to interact with the CellBONES Platform.   We do collect information in order to complete transactions and to provide an improved experience with cellBONES.

This Privacy Policy describes how cellBONES collects and uses your personal information which incudes accessing and using the Payment Services.

  1. Definitions

Undefined terms in this Privacy Policy will have the same definition as in the cellBONES Technologies Terms of Service(“Terms”).

  1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is the owner and operator of KandiCafe which is cellBONES Technologies.

1.3 Applicability to Payments

When the consumer uses the Payment Services, information will be provided including personal information and payment information to the Data Controller cellBONES Technologies.   

2. Information We Collect

When using the cellBONES Platform, we require necessary information to execute the contract between you and us and to comply with legal obligations.   This information includes the following;

  • Account Information – We require information to register with KandiCafe such as email address, name, phone number, date of birth and physical address.
  • Host Accounts – We require the same data as the Account Information.  Additional information includes a government ID and profile picture
  • Booking a Reservation – We require the same data as the Account Information.  Additional information includes a government ID and profile picture
  • Payment Information –  To transact on the cellBONES Platform we require that you provide financial information such as your cryptocurrency wallet address, PayPal account, bank account or credit card information.  This is required to facilitate payments.
  • Communication with KandiCafe, cellBONES Technologies or other Members – When you communicate with any party on the cellBONES Platform, we may collect the information you provide and use to improve services and resolve disputes.
  • Consumer volunteers additional Information – You may choose to provide additional information to improve your experience such as preferences, including information you choose to display in any public profile.   This information may be collected, including information you volunteer as part of any Rewards offer by KandiCafe under the Data Controller cellBONES Technologies such as referral rewards, reviews, or any postings in public forums.
  • Usage Information – We may collect usage information such as interactions with the cellBONES Platform.  This may include content viewed, searches, purchases, bookings and other actions. We also reserve the right to collect data such as your IP address or GPS Geo-location information.  
  • Device Information and Log Data – We may collect device information and log data when you access and use the cellBONES Platform, even if you have not created a KandiCafe Account.   This information may include unique identifiers such as IP address, cookie data you have viewed before or after using KandiCafe, including clicks on links to 3rd party applications.  
  • Cookies – We may use cookies or other similar technologies on any web applications and mobile apps including online ads we display and email communications.   We do not associate any data collected with an individual account, the data is only used for analytics so we can improve our customer experience and maximize our marketing expenses.   Our business partners may use these tracking technologies when accessing their online assets via the cellBONES Platform or any cellBONES provided digital asset. We do not share data with business partners unless you have voluntarily provided the information.
  • SDKs & Pixels – Third parties may use cookies and other similar technologies to collect or receive information from our websites and internet usage.   Many third parties may collect and receiving information that is used for tracking general data, but also for items such as targeted ads.  
  • Payment Transaction Information – We collect necessary information for your payment transactions through the cellBONES Platform.   This information includes items such as financial data, payment amount, data and time, crypto wallet address, PayPal account information and credit card information.   
  • Data Collected from Third Parties – We may collect information that third parties provide such as Google or Facebook.   We also collect information from customers who may comment or review your service by posting in public on your profile page.  
  • Referrals – If you are referred to KandiCafe, the person who invited you may submit personal information about you.  This includes limited information such as email address or other contact information.
  • Other Sources – As permitted by applicable law, we reserve the right to receive information about you to help detect fraud and safety issues.   This includes information from 3rd party providers, background check results (when permitted by law) or fraud warnings from service providers.   This information may be collected on the cellBONES Platform, any cellBONES Technologies digital assets or third party fraud detection providers. 
  • Data collection for children under 16 – We do not market to children under 16.   We do not knowingly collect any personal information directly from children under 16 and we do not consent to anyone under 16 to utilize KandiCafe or any service provided by cellBONES Technologies.   Please contact us immediately if you suspect data is being collected by anyone under 16, or using any service. You can contact us using information in the section “Contact Us.”

3. Use of Information Collected

(1) The primary use of information collected is to improve and maximize our advertising and marketing expenses.    (2) The information collected is also used to provide a secure, trusted and safe environment for payment transactions and to comply with legal obligations and compliance with policies.   (3) Information you may volunteer is used for purposes such as rewarding users, providing reviews and postings on public forums. Communication to you may be in the form of emails, SMS, phone notifications, or displayed on our platform or via social media.

3.1  Marketing – We will also use the data collected to send you relevant marketing messages for reward offers, advertising and other information that may be of interest to you.   We will also collect information in general to measure our marketing efforts to improve the use of advertising expenses.

3.2 Security – We will use the data to prevent fraud, abuse, spam, and to enforce the Terms of Service.   This includes using data collected on our platform as well as from third party providers.  

3.3 Consumer Provided Information – data provided by users and consumers may be provided directly to our platform or posted publicly in a forum or as part of a review of services or products provided.   

3.4 General Use –  We do not sell your data.    Third parties may pay us to market to users  which match certain profiles, but third parties only receive information you volunteer if you choose to respond to an offer related to that third party.  Examples may include registering on their website, downloading their mobile app, completing surveys, and other similar offers. Third parties such as friends or contacts may voluntarily provide us limited data about you when using the referral offers.

4. Sharing & Disclosure

We will share limited information such as your profile picture and nickname you have chosen when you win a publicly held giveaway as part of the promotional content.  This information is shared for marketing purposes and to establish trust with the community of users.  

Where you have provided consent, or volunteered consent, we may share your information as described when consent is given by you.  This may include activities such as when you share a public post about a reward you won, or if you make a public post for referrals.  

We do not share your information with third parties unless you have voluntarily shared the data yourself or you have provided consent.  

5.  Bookings & Listing

It is a requirement to share information for the BnB listing and Bookings processes.    Data must be shared between KandiCafe, Hosts and Members in order to facilitate books and payments.   This includes personal information of the Host and Member.  

  • When a Host creates an approved listing, all relevant information will be publicly displayed online
  • When a Member makes a booking, personal information will be shared with the Host such as Name, Government ID, transaction history, reviews, email and phone number.
  • Host will provide guests with information such as name, contact info, reviews, address and policies associated with the specific property rules and regulations such as maximum number of guests, check-in and check-out times, etc..
  • The information above will be shared with cellBONES
  • Limited and relevant information will be shared with the property management office if the property being rented is part of a managed development.
  • All reviews are publicly displayed and some members may choose to post those reviews on outside social media or forums.   cellBONES does not have control over these posts.
  • cellBONES reserves the right to remove any public information or posts which are deemed offensive.  Examples include derogatory language, adult content, racist or gender-based comments, and many other possibilities.  

We do not share your billing and payment information with other members.

Please be aware that third party search engines may index your publicly shared information.   We have no control over third-party search engines which may or may not cache accurate information.

6.  Additional Hosts Services

Hosts will use third party offers to provide additional services for a better user experience.   Offers include services such as transportation, laundry, cleaning, activities & events, etc. Hosts will provide personal and relevant information to third parties in order to facilitate for the purposes of coordinating the services purchased.   Hosts are responsible for providing the third-party services and ensuring information is transmitted securely and in compliance with local privacy and data protection laws.

7.  Compliance with Law

The Data Controller, cellBONES Technologies, may disclose information to courts, law enforcement, government authorities or tax authorities to the extent we are required or permitted to do so by law.   Reasons for this may include compliance for legal obligations, comply with legal processes, suspected illegal activity, claims against us, or activity that expose us or you to legal liability.

We may notify Members about legal requests when appropriate or required.

8.  Service Providers.

cellBONES uses multiple third-party service providers to help us provided services offered on the the cellBONES Platform and Payment Services.   We need to share your information, including personal information, in order to provide the services and products with sufficient user experience and performance.

cellBONES and the cellBONES Payments will need to share your information, including personal information, in order to ensure the adequate performance of our contract with you.

9.  Collection and Remittance of Occupancy Taxes

Hosts and Guests grant us permission without notice to share data and other relevant information on their transactions, booking and other relevant information to the tax authority or local Government.  This information may include, but not limited to specific information such as transaction amounts, data, taxes received, contact information and other data.

10.   Landlords, Property Management, Property Owners

We will share personal information with the Property Management.   It is required that property management must receive information about the guest for security purposes and this this information may be shared with the Landlord or Property Owner which may or may not be your Host.   Landlords and Property Management organization may be required to receive your Government ID in person, including making a copy of such ID, in order to allow you access to the premise and rental unit.

11.   Change of Ownership 

If KandiCafe or cellBONES Technologies has a Change of Ownership then the data we collected maybe transferred including all data collected, required or voluntarily provided.   In the event of a Change of Ownership, all Members will be notified.

12.  Aggregated Data

KandiCafe and cellBONES Technologies may share information which has been collected in an anonymous manner with no reference to specific users.   This information may be collected and shared for market analysis, marketing and advertising purposes or any other business purpose.

13.  General Information

We reserve the right to scan, analyze or review any private or public communications on all digital assets operated by cellBONES Technologies, including KandiCafe, for any purpose.   Reasons may include efforts to prevent offensive language or content, fraud, compliance, investigations, customer support or general analytics. Methods of review will include both electronic and manual efforts.   cellBONES has the right to remove any content for any reason on all digital assets owned and operated by cellBONES.

14.  Third Party Links

You may link your KandiCafe Account with your account at a third party social networking service. Your contacts on these third party services are referred to as “Friends.” When you create this link:

  • some of the information you provide to us from the linking of your accounts may be published on your KandiCafe Account profile;
  • your activities on the cellBONES Platform may be displayed to your Friends on the cellBONES Platform and/or that third party site;
  • a link to your public profile on that third party social networking service may be included in your KandiCafe public profile;
  • other KandiCafe users may be able to see any common Friends that you may have with them, or that you are a Friend of their Friend if applicable;
  • other KandiCafe users may be able to see any schools, hometowns or other groups you have in common with them as listed on your linked social networking service;
  • the information you provide to us from the linking of your accounts may be stored, processed and transmitted for fraud prevention and risk assessment purposes; and
  • the publication and display of information that you provide to KandiCafe through this linkage is subject to your settings and authorizations on the cellBONES Platform and the third party site.

We only collect your information from linked third party accounts to the extent necessary to ensure the adequate performance of our contract with you, or to ensure that we comply with applicable laws, or with your consent.

Digital assets owned and operated by cellBONES Technologies, including KandiCafe, may allow links to third party websites or services.   We do not own or control these services and you may be providing information directly to the third-party provider. Each third-party provider has their own rules and privacy policies and it is the responsibility of the user to be aware of those policies.

15.  Consumer Rights

All users are encouraged to excercise your rights as defined in this section.  You may make requests by sending an email to .    We will request that you provide additional information to validate your identify and user account to prevent fraud and abuse.

  1.  Managing User Information

User may access and update your profile and account information through your account settings.   Users are responsible for keeping their information up to date. If you need to modify information which you cannot access yourself you may request changes by sending an email to .    

Data will be retained for the duration required by law.   You may request to have your information deleted, but we can only delete data which is not required by law to retain.  

  1.  Complaints

You may lodge a complaint for any reason by emailing to .    

18. Security

All digital assets owned and operate by cellBONES Technologies, including KandiCafe, are designed and built with security as a top priority.   Security methods include technology such as firewalls, data encryption and information access controls. Our security also includes manual methods and work flows.   If you know of any possibility of loss then please email us immediately at to .


cellBONES Technologies reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice or reason.   When we make changes to the Privacy Policy we will also change the “updated on” date to reflect when the change occurred.

We will also identify the modification to the policies.   You will be given (30) days from the date revised to accept the policy in writing by email to .   If you do not cancel your account then you agree to operate under the updated Privacy Policy.

20. CONTACT US If you have any questions or complaints about the Privacy Policy then please email us at to    We wish to accommodate users when possible as well as protect their privacy above and beyond government regulations.