How to invest

There are three primary ways to invest in Cellbones Technologies and the BONES token.

Download the ICOminter app and start earning FREE tokens. There is no cost to earn BONES tokens within the app. While each method within the app has limits on how many rewards you can earn per day, there is no overall limit to what you can earn

A limited amount of BONES tokens will be placed on the WAVES DEX xchange on March 1st, 2018. As the token value rises, we may periodically place more tokens on the exchange(s), but in limited amounts and at rates that benefit current holders of BONES. The BONES token is a tradeable token and its value is derived from advertising revenues, but does not represent any equity in Cellbones Technologies as a company.

Cellbones Technologies is open to investors interested in acquiring equity in the company. Our technology can be used by enterprise in many different ways including replacing, enhancing or offering a new rewards solutions. If you are interested in acquiring equity in Cellbones Technologies then please inquire at for more information