Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is Cellbones technologies?

We are a mobile app development company with a mission to bring cyptocurrencies to the masses

What is ICOminter?

Our first consumer mobile app which enables users the ability to earn FREE tokens that can be traded or used for products/services we will offer in the future

What is the BONES token?

BONES is a tradeable token which can be earned using the ICOminter mobile application. The token does not represent equity in the company

How are BONES tokens earned?

Users are rewarded FREE tokens for completing surveys, downloading apps and/or watching video ads. We will continue to improve and add new methods of rewarding user

What type of token is BONES and where can tokens be traded?

The BONES token is based on the WAVES platform and can be traded on the WAVES DEX exchange starting on March st, 2018

How does the BONES token derive its value?

When users complete tasks and earn FREE tokens, revenues are generated from advertising suppliers. Cellbones collects and invests the revenues and will periodically purchase BONES tokens on the DEX market to establish a minimum value

Will ICOminter be available on both Android and IOS?

ICOminter will be available on Android only for the launch. We plan to add IOS by the end of May

When will the ICOminter mobile app be available?

The app is already completed and the process for obtaining approval from Google has begun. We plan to launch ICOminter by first week of March on Android which will generate revenues on the first day

Will Cellbones Technologies hold an ICO to raise funds?

Cellbones Technologies is self-funded with zero debt. We will investigate the use of an ICO or other type of equity investing in the near future

How are the Cellbones Technology employees and owners incented to provide services as described?

Employees and owners are primarily rewarded by the value of the token. We are rewarded only if the value of the token rises and therefore in complete alignment with users who invest either their time or money in obtaining BONES tokens

How are you different than other ICO’s?

We are experienced with ICOs which make big promises and raise large sums of money, sometimes selling 90-100% of their available tokens which reduces all incentive to ensure success. We believe in our product and therefore do not wish to dilute the potential of the BONES token value

What is the total supply of the BONES token?

The number of tokens is capped at 500,000,000 with no ability to create more BONES tokens

How will the value of BONES tokens rise?

ICOminter offers multiple methods for earning FREE tokens which also generate revenue using various suppliers. The monetization suppliers will be continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure we are using the best monetization methods available in the market

How do get the BONES tokens that I earn with the ICOminter mobile app?

ICOminter will track the number of FREE tokens you earn within the app. When you reach a threshold of tokens earned your BONES tokens will be automatically transferred into your WAVES digital wallet which is integrated into ICOminter. You may use your own WAVES wallet if you so choose. Once the tokens are in the WAVES wallet you are free to trade those tokens as you wish