The rewards platform uses a reward based on a crypto token called BONES.  When users earn enough rewards, BONES tokens are sent to the users digital wallet.  Once the user has BONES tokens, they can be sent to anyone in the world with a compatible digital wallet within seconds, or they can redeem the BONES tokens at the e-commerce store at  

Rewards are earned by downloading and using the main rewards app called “icominter”.  Users can also download apps from the icominter app where users can earn more rewards which are then added to the balance in the icominter app.  We will continue to add more rewards apps based on different themes such as sports, games, crypto & utility for an endless amount of rewards apps and ways for users to earn.  

The BONES token will also be available for purchase around the date specified on the main page at   We are currently working with a crowdfunding organization in Singapore to pre-sell the utility token which would provide discounts to the buyers for services offered at the e-commerce store.  Currently, we offer mobile data & voice services with access to over 400 mobile operators around the world, but we will be adding other e-products for users to redeem BONES tokens.